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How are additional learning needs identified?

If your child has Additional Learning Needs, it is important that you communicate this to the school when your child starts school.

If you, or the class teacher, think that your child has additional learning needs, discussion is the first step. Through discussion, we can ensure that the child, and everyone involved plans suitable support and seeks further advice. Further information about our ALN policy can be found on the federalism website.

Who is responsible for ALN?

All staff have responsibility for supporting pupils with ALN. Miss Rhian Cory is the co-ordinator of ALN. She advises and organises support for pupils and staff. This includes consultation with other agencies such as health services, advisory teachers and educational psychologists.
How are pupils with ALN supported?

Attention is given to individuals and groups within the classroom together with specific support from specialist support staff. Through detailed assessment processes that identify a child's specific needs early on, our aim is to provide a programme that is suitable for them, and that enables them to succeed. The school plans a broad and balanced curriculum for pupils, providing resources and appropriate support ensuring the best possible value from the budget allocated by the Local Authority. We continuously monitor and review a pupil's progress and adjust the provision as necessary.

How will I know if my child is making progress?
Parents are kept in close contact regarding their child's development, and parents are invited to every review of progress.