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Attendance data 2021-22: 

Percentage 91.44%     1.25% unauthorised absence       7.31% authorised absence


If your child is absent from school for any reason, we ask that you notify the school. We prefer that you note this on parentmail.

We note absences and punctuality on a daily register. We monitor the register constantly. If any patterns / high rates of absence are noticed, it is likely that the school’s inclusion officer in relation to the school will contact you.

Under the Education Act (1996), it is the responsibility of the parent to ensure that their child attend school. Regular school attendance is vital and missing school can have a significant impact on achievement over a one year period as illustrated below:

Holidays during term time

As a school we do not approve holidays during term time in line with the Education (School Day and School Year) (Wales) (Amendment) Regulations 2006 and guidelines issued by ERW, our education consortium.

How long should I keep my child off school when they're ill?

See a table below with details of managing infectious diseases in schools in the most common illnesses we receive enquiries about:


Mitigating Measures

Coughs and colds

It’s fine to send your child to school with a minor cough or common cold. But if they have a fever, keep them off until the fever goes.

Encourage to throw away used tissues and wash their hands.


High Temperature

Keep them off school until it goes away.

Chicken Pox

Keep them off school until all the spots have crusted over. This is usually 5 days after the spots first appeared.

Cold Sores

There’s no need to keep your child off school if they have a cold sore. Encourage them not to touch the blister or kiss anyone, or share things like cups and towels.


You don’t need to keep your child off school if they have conjunctivitis.

Get advice from a pharmacist.

Encourage your child not to rub their eyes and to wash their hands regularly.

Coronavirus (Covid 19)

Stay at home and avoid contact with other people if they have symptoms of covid 19 and they have either:

  • High temperature
  • Do not feel well enough to go to school or do normal activities.

If they have mild symptoms and feel well enough, they can still come to school.

Scarlet Fever

If your child has scarlet fever, they need treatment with antibiotics from a GP.

Your child can come back to school 24 hours after starting antibiotics.

Sore Throat

You can still send your child to school with a sore throat. But if they have a high temperature also, they should stay at home until it goes away.

Vomiting and diarrhoea

Children with diarrhoea or vomiting should stay away from school until they have not been sick or had diarrhoea for at least 48 hours.


Please refer to the nhs for further advice Is my child too ill for school? - NHS (



If your child is well, but continues to require medication, they can return to school. Fill in the form in the link and pass on to your child’s teacher with details of dose and frequency.  FFederaliaeth Ysgol Penrhyn-coch ac Ysgol Penllwyn - Medication (

Care Plan

If your child is in the process of receiving a diagnosis for a long term illness or is suffering with a long term injury please get in touch with class to arrange a care plan. Contact your class teacher.